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Welcome to Clear Candle. 

Home of the original All-natural, Refillable Illuminating Candle Art!

HUGE gallery sale. 100's of pieces up to 50% off.

Real Flowers.
Real Fruit.
Real Botanicals.
Real Seashells.

Lifetime Illuminating Candle Art

Here's our "BURN CLEAR, BURN CLEAN" advantage:

All of our refillable, illuminating candle art is handmade with special attention to safety and design, inspired by the beauty of real fruit, flowers, foliage, and botanical plants. These ingredients along with the highest quality in decorative elements give you a piece of candle art to enjoy for a lifetime.

The patented, edible-grade white mineral oil used in our candles burns SOOT-FREE and toxin-free, allowing our candles to burn for a minimum of 40-50 hours, up to 100+hours. Our unique zinc core wicks are lead-free and will self-extinguish adding to our many safety features.

Because our candles are REFILLABLE, we have our own votive size refills made from the same SOOT-FREE, toxin-free mineral oil ,allowing each one to burn 25-30 hours. When your candle is ready for a refill, you can keep the same aroma, or choose from the hundreds of fragrances we have for your pleasure. 

Our candles are 100% Reusable and Eco-friendly. We do our part in keeping our planet green!

The Clear Candle Advantage

  • All Natural
  • Soot-free
  • Toxin-free
  • Wax-free
  • Refillable

  • Lead-free
  • Worry-free
  • Subtle Aromas
  • Never hot to the touch
  • Handmade in the U.S.A.

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Menorah Menorah
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Large Bowl with Shells
Medium Bowl with Assorted Dogs